Thursday, January 15, 2009

Will this be my year???

Should I be better about blogging?  YES.  Should I get more scrapping done?  YES.  Should I reorganize things to make more time for my family? YES.

All of these are things I should be doing and vow to do.  In fact, I just got an item that has been on my to do list ALL LAST YEAR off of my to do list yesterday.  It was just one of those things that, because of how busy I was, just getting pushed down to the bottom.  But, after two days of working on it, it's gone!

Still, I haven't made as much time for the above things as I could be.  INSTEAD...  I'll give you a little video of how the year started off.  

This is what happens when you go off on a weekend with some friends WITHOUT KIDS...
(We will not be auditioning for American Idol or any other singing / talent show.)

1 comment:

Zoa said...

you are HILARIOUS!! I love it!
I hope you do blog more often- I love reading it when you do! Here's to the Year of the Sussie!!