Wednesday, October 28, 2009


WOO HOO! I just love it when it snows! And, boy, is it snowing today!! There is at least a foot outside - which is just crazy for before Halloween! But it's been fun. Kids still had school - which was also crazy. So I had a few hours at home when I got to work on some more of the Christmas Advent Calendars!! That was fun.

During the day, I took some photos of our Halloween decorations out in the snow. I sent them in to our local Channel 4 TV Station! While I was talking to my mom on the phone around 5:15, she freaked out because my picture and name popped up on the TV! She had tivo'd it - so she rewound and made a video of the mention with her camera. Here it is...

(They did spell my last name wrong and mispronounced my first name, but still...)

And here's the photos that I sent in...



I wonder how long it's going to last!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I did some fun things this weekend! It felt good to be putting some of my creative juices to work. The first thing we did was to make this cute, little pumpkin. Our neighborhood was having our annual Halloween Parade with all the kids in costume and one of the activities was a pumpkin 'carving' contest. We haven't gotten our real pumpkins yet, so we had to make due with a foam one from Michaels. We didn't win the contest (I think the judges were crazy!), but the kids had fun helping me with this... I call it 'Fancy Dallas Pumpkin.'

Then, while I was perusing etsy, I found an adorable muffin tin Christmas advent calendar. I have a little craft show coming up in a few weeks where I will be going with all of my Scrapbook Sussies stuff. Craft shows in the past haven't always been the best for me - mostly because people want to take something with them (and, at past shows, I've only had subscriptions to sell.) This time, I have lots of kits, add-ons, and extras to bring to sell, but I saw this and knew I could make these and they would be a hit!

I plan to make 6 different ones - each with a slightly different color scheme - and sell them for $35 each (Including the adorable little stand that it comes on!). Then, I plan on having an 'add-on' which will include everything you need to fill the 24 cups - hershey kisses, shiny $1.00 coins, little pieces of paper and ribbon for them to write an activity for the day on, and other fun things. If you have any ideas of what might fit in the cups, please let me know! I need to be on the lookout for the next two weeks!!

If you're interested in one, I'll gladly take your order! (And 20% of the proceeds will go to my kid's school!!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In July, I attended my grandmother's funeral. I had the pleasure of going out to take care of her for several days a month before she died. One of my fondest memories was that of the lemon pie I made while we were there. I didn't know that it was one of her favorites. I simply made it because I could recall the ingredients from memory while I was picking up things at the grocery store. Over the next few days, Grandma and I ate the whole pie! I joked with her that we weren't going to be sharing that pie with anyone! And, after we polished off the last piece, we took this photo of us with the empty pie plate....

At her funeral, there was a slideshow of all sorts of pictures of Grandma. I fell in love with this one. It was so artsy and special and showed my grandparents so full of youth. It's going to be a fun one to scrap!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Annie had her birthday party this last weekend. It was a slumber party - Rock Star style. There were 7 girls coming over and one little boy to hang out with Ryan. So we had 10 kids here!!

When the girls arrived, we did their hair and make-up. Big Thanks to Grandma Kathy for coming and helping! I know I couldn't have done it all without her! After their makeover, they took sassy pictures (for their backstage pass) and then got to sing Karaoke - lots of High School Musical songs! (I even got in on the action!!!)

We had pizza, cake in the shape of an ipod, Hannah Montana movies, popcorn, pancakes in the morning, and lots of fun!!! The girls did great - no big issues. And it was very easy to get Annie to take a nap the next day!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


I found this paper in Annie's backpack yesterday. I realize that it said 'Do Not Open' and 'Freaky Picture Inside', but I was prepared to take my chances...

There's been a girl at school who has been a little bit mean to Annie and her friends. I did have a talk with Annie to tell her that it wasn't very nice to draw pictures like this because it could hurt someone's feelings if it got into the wrong hands.

But I, personally, think it's hilarious and worth posting! It makes me laugh! If you can't read what Someone In Jail is saying, it's "MMMMMMMM..... Poop is good!" (I think Annie takes after her Dad!!!)