Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm trying again! Yes, I know. You've heard it all before. But I'm very tired of being at the bottom of everyone's Updated Blog list! But don't hold me to keeping this up.
I'll try, but I'm a very busy person! ;-)

So, I'm sitting here at home.

Annie is at her theater practice - it's 3 hours tonight and 6 hours tomorrow! It makes me really sad and a bit nervous. I have a knot in my tummy when I drop her off because it seems so long to me for her. But we'll just evaluate this after this play is done and decide if she wants to do it again... Her play is the first two weekend in March - three times each weekend!

Ryan is downstairs with two of our neighborhood kids. One of them is almost 8 and is helping Ryan unlock levels in his Star Wars Wii game. I would help, but I would bet that Ryan is probably better than me at the game!! I'm exchanging babysitting so their parents can have a Valentine's dinner tonight. Then Dave and I will go out next weekend.

Which brings me to Dave - who is gone and has been gone since Super Bowl Sunday! I have survived! He comes home tomorrow and the house is still somewhat in order, I had one child's doctor appointment which included 4 shots (one for me), one 1st grade Valentine party to put on at the school, one day of helping at the preschool, two batches of cookies to make, and lots of Sussies stuff to keep me busy. So I'm pretty pleased that I didn't lose it completely!

I even managed to make a batch of chocolate covered Ritz Bits with peanut butter. I had the chocolate and Ritz Bits and figured I would just do it. I added a Valentine M&M to the top of each. They turned out super cute. Unfortunately (but fortunately for my neighbors) they were too easy to pop into your mouth, I would have devoured the whole lot of them. So we made little plates and tied them up with bows and delivered them to the neighbors!!!

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Kristen said...

(a) Those chocolate goodies look delicious. Are there any left??? If so, where are they?
(b) This is "trying?" Try harder.
(c) I <3 you!!!