Thursday, October 8, 2009


Annie had her birthday party this last weekend. It was a slumber party - Rock Star style. There were 7 girls coming over and one little boy to hang out with Ryan. So we had 10 kids here!!

When the girls arrived, we did their hair and make-up. Big Thanks to Grandma Kathy for coming and helping! I know I couldn't have done it all without her! After their makeover, they took sassy pictures (for their backstage pass) and then got to sing Karaoke - lots of High School Musical songs! (I even got in on the action!!!)

We had pizza, cake in the shape of an ipod, Hannah Montana movies, popcorn, pancakes in the morning, and lots of fun!!! The girls did great - no big issues. And it was very easy to get Annie to take a nap the next day!!!

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