Sunday, August 22, 2010


I recently was listening to the radio in my car and Uptown Girl by Billy Joel came on. Seriously?? Uptown Girl - you know I can't afford to buy her pearls... But maybe someday when my ship comes in. She'll understand what kind of guy I've been. And then I'll win. Terrible, terrible lyrics. And I was laughing to myself at how bad that song really is (Sorry Billy Joel, but it's pretty bad.)

Anyway, being the sarcastic idiot that I am, I texted my sister "Why is Uptown Girl your favorite song?" Eagerly awaiting a funny response, all I got was "It is?" Boo.

Then I got to thinking that I should test that and send the text to 10 more people and see if anyone comes back with a good response....

I got one "It's not." Really? It's not your favorite???!?!

I got two "Huh?"'s Guess they didn't quite get my sarcastic tones coming over the text message.

Then I got a "Hahaha, what?!" OK. At least they understood the humor I was sending out, but didn't volley it back.... (Disappointed in you, Brendan.)

Finally... the brothers both came through with a "It just is." and a "Why would it NOT be?"

And another big FINALLY!! My good friend Tracey responded with "I don't understand the question." (At first, I was thinking she didn't get it.) "Isn't it everybody's?" YAY Tracey!!!

So that was it for the day.

Until the morning.....

Ahhh, Kristen.... Love you! I have to preface by telling you that Kristen's favorite movie is Dirty Dancing. So perhaps I should have expected... "Loved Billy Joel as a kid bc of the singer/songwriter/piano thing, and it's such a feelgood song. Actually like For the Longest Time even more. :)"

So I thought it was over with Tracey winning the best response. Until today when my friend, Bill, who has the worst cell service on the planet and can't get messages unless he's standing on top of his house or something, replied. He made me laugh with...

Sorry, Dave. I went way over my daily text quota for the day!

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Kristen said...

Oh, Lara. Laugh if you will at my expense. . .it's okay. . .I can take it. :) You know you secret-love Dirty Dancing, too! *wink* Love you!