Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Apparently, when my little sister was young and had dreams, she dreamt of being a famous fashion designer. Now, if you know us, you know that Lesley is 12 years younger than me - so it's not like we huddled together as children telling each other our dreams and aspirations. I mean, when she was 9, I was already killing it at hot spots like Sports Column and Jackson's Hole.

So you may wonder how I know this secret of Lesley's. Well, recently, I came across some of her first works as a young Donna Karan...

This one is nice. It shows school spirit and an eye for hairstyling as well as fashion... Being that it is on lined school paper, I picture Lesley in her obviously boring math classes, doodling away...

Next we come to the swimsuit line. The model in this photo is expressing my own thoughts on the swimsuit. Her "What the H*@!?!?!" posture is correct. I mean, if you're going to be wearing a sailor bathing suit and three scrunchies in your hair, you certainly shouldn't be wearing heels at the same time, right?!?

Now - evening wear. I fear, with this one, that there could have been some inspiration from a certain pink dress that I used to wear. Too bad I can't find a photo. But I promise, I never wore a huge pink bow on the top of my head like I was a puppy just back from the groomer. (This model will be getting lucky later on. All those holes in the dress? Totally asking for it.)

This last one is my favorite. The outfit alone, while a sign of the early 90's, is outstanding. Anytime you pair Salt N Pepa high top sneakers with a high-belted overall jumpsuit, you're batting 1000. Throw that outfit into a pizza parlour, and BLAM!, it's shoop-time!!!

Well done, little sister! I'm proud of you!


Nicole. said...

Ah. Maze. Ing.

Now if only she could sew...

Douglas Hayes said...

hahaha!!!! These are great! I am pretty sure that all of these were inspired by you. I am pretty sure I can find something very close to this in our old pictures...maybe not the cheer-leading one.

Kristen said...

SURELY high waisted bikini bottoms and apron-style cheerleading uniforms had a place in the market, right? Wonder if it's too late? You know how they say that fashion repeats cycles every 20 years? It's getting close. Totally coveting.

Cin Cin said...

These photos are fabulous and I especially love your commentary! TY for the giggles this morning, Lady! :)

Anonymous said...

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