Thursday, September 17, 2009


"If you can dodge wrenches, you can dodge balls..."

Oh, the quotes were flying from Dave the week before the big Dodgeball Tournament! You can imagine how we all got a little lesson about techniques, etc from Coach Dave the night of the game! Whatever he did, it worked! Because we were the Champions!


It was back in March at the Wilder Elementary School Silent Auction. We had signed up for this tournament to help raise money for Annie's school. After a few cocktails, everyone thought it would be AWESOME to play in the tournament. So we paid our entry fee and made sure to request that 6 of us all be on the same team (with our friends, the Raabs and the Svendsens). Dave even managed to write a little note about how we were going to clobber everyone on the sign up sheet...

Fast Forward...

September comes along and it turns out only the Raabs and the McClendons can make it (The Svendsens chickened out - or they had a really good reason - I can't remember). Each team is made up of 10 people and we got placed with two other random couples. So our team was short handed. It should be really easy to knock us out, right? It really didn't matter. Dave and Mike (and the two guys placed with us) were a force. I didn't do much except for shuffle around, hand balls to Dave and Mike, dodge a ball or two, and jam my pinky finger (ouch). We played four games, won four games, and took the championship hands down.

Our prize? $10 per couple to The Gorilla Room - a little dive bar in downtown Littleton that I'm sure has never been as busy as it was when 60 adults (all in 1980's gym class attire) showed up to celebrate the tournament. I also happened to win another $10 for having the "weakest throw". It was really part of the master plan - I mean, if I'm not going to win strongest throw, may as well go for the weakest, right?

Anyway, it was a really fun night and we met lots of other Wilder parents that I can see us hanging out with more often in the future. And we won. Did I mention that already?

I told everyone to look tough... (No one listens to me, I guess.)

Kelly & me with our girl, Mo

Mike & Dave

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