Friday, September 11, 2009


Annie is about to turn 7 in a few weeks and has been very much bemoaning the fact that she hasn't lost even one tooth. She's been very dramatic. She'll get a phone call from a friend who just turned 6 who lost a tooth and, while she is very happy for them while she's talking to them, begins crying immediately after she hangs up. It's so important to her, but one of those things that she just has to be patient with.

This last weekend, when I was in Seattle, I got a phone call from her.

"Guess what, Mom. Good news!", she says.

"What is it, hon?"


She lost her first tooth while she was still six while she was staying at Grandma's house! WOO HOO! What a story!! She was so excited and so animated when she was telling me about it. Of course, the tooth fairy had to wait one night until we got home to come because 1) she didn't want the tooth fairy to become confused about where she lived and 2) I didn't want to explain that the tooth fairy doesn't always give $100 bills (which I was worried my mom would do!).

I asked my mom to email me a picture and this is the one they took. You can just see how excited she is!!!


Kristen said...

Oh, that's hilarious about you fearing your mom would give her $100! What's the going rate per tooth these days, Google Lara?

She looks SO grown up! When did that happen?????

Lara said...

$5.00 for the first tooth, maybe $1.00 for the rest?